Works in progress

Calling all keytars!

Here, I wish to bust the record books and amass the World’s Largest Online Collection of Vids Featuring Keytars. Considering I have two three already, I think I’m well on my way.

Should you think of any more, link them in the comments. Or email me, if we’re particularly well acquainted.

1. Funky town – Pseudo Echo

2. I won’t let the sun go down – Nik Kershaw

3. Whip it – Devo

4. School Days The Clarke/Duke Project

(Thank you for this contribution Mr and Mrs Reid, Scotland.)

5. Typical Mute Math

(Thank you for this contribution Mr N. Robinson, Australia.)

6. Drop the Phone – Shy Child

(Thank you for this contribution Mags, address withheld.)

7. Tornado – Belinda Bedekovic

(Thank you for this contribution Lauren E., Australia.)

8. Space paradise – Daisuke Asakura

(My own contribution.)

9. Touched by the hand of God – New Order

(My own contribution.)


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