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No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 2

There’s nothing quite like an end of year round up, so like the veritable Wonder-Woman-lasso-meets-sheep-dog-from-the-hit-animatronic-film-Babe that I am, I’ve fetched and bundled you the No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 2.

Back in April, when I presented the No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 1, I had industriously collected 21 themes over 2 and a 1/2 months. Here, in volume 2, I present 11 themes lackadaisically collected over 8 months. Depending on what aspect of my life you’re looking at, that either equals a productivity slump (on You Tube) or boom (in real life). Either way, there’s always a positive out there. Go put your tongue on a 9 v battery and feel that crazy tingle if you don’t believe me.

Merry Christmas.

Vids featuring an enormous sense of disembodiedment-ness

Vids featuring bars

Vid featuring people dressed uniformly

Vids featuring people dancing and posturing around a black-ish room

Vids featuring something reminiscent of Saturday morning TV

Vids featuring a nippy bite to the air

Vids featuring a party

Vids featuring boiler suits

Vids featuring a fluorescent light tube or few

Vids featuring momentum

Vids featuring window furnishings (or not)


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