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Vid featuring mondo toplessness

This morning over bircher muesli in a local caf, my hubz became quite unfortunately mesmerized by a lady at a neighbouring table’s impressive cleavage bursting forth from her wrap-top like snakes in a can. He swears he wasn’t ogling or being a perve, with eyes remaining stuck for just a moment, dazzled kangaroo-like in headlights, bewitched by the breasts. Unfortunately, the lady who belonged to those breasts picked up on his burning gaze, glared furiously, and it was an awkward moment. Look, we’ve all been there, somehow, some way.

Anyhoo, this isn’t an outing or shaming of my husband’s perviness, nay, it just reminded me of this super clip featuring Russ Meyer imagery cut together with a caveman theme.

Workplace warning: loads and loads and loads of jiggling bare boobage.

Be a woman – Persian Rugs


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