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No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 2

There’s nothing quite like an end of year round up, so like the veritable Wonder-Woman-lasso-meets-sheep-dog-from-the-hit-animatronic-film-Babe that I am, I’ve fetched and bundled you the No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 2.

Back in April, when I presented the No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 1, I had industriously collected 21 themes over 2 and a 1/2 months. Here, in volume 2, I present 11 themes lackadaisically collected over 8 months. Depending on what aspect of my life you’re looking at, that either equals a productivity slump (on You Tube) or boom (in real life). Either way, there’s always a positive out there. Go put your tongue on a 9 v battery and feel that crazy tingle if you don’t believe me.

Merry Christmas.

Vids featuring an enormous sense of disembodiedment-ness

Vids featuring bars

Vid featuring people dressed uniformly

Vids featuring people dancing and posturing around a black-ish room

Vids featuring something reminiscent of Saturday morning TV

Vids featuring a nippy bite to the air

Vids featuring a party

Vids featuring boiler suits

Vids featuring a fluorescent light tube or few

Vids featuring momentum

Vids featuring window furnishings (or not)


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No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 1

The wonderful thing about vids is that you can play them over and over and over again, FOREVER – until, of course, they stretch, and lag, and shed oxide, and delaminate, and, well, show’s over quicker than you can say ‘Ghost of Christmas special past’.

I’m in the ungainly process of moving continents, so won’t be around for quite a bit – three or four weeks, even. So, here’s a good chance to dip into the No More Blank Tapes archive, vol. 1.

I can’t quite decide my favourite theme so far. It might be the one about the robots, or the bicycles, or the drawn-out descent, or that game called SIMON.

Catch you on the flipside.

Vids featuring slipping between the covers (by which I mean books, squire)

Vids featuring junk food (looking like the unappealing trash it truly is)

Vids featuring bombs

Vids featuring the use and abuse of a smoke machine

Vids featuring gathering round a table

Vids featuring office space

Vids featuring an errant ball or two

Vids featuring the use and abuse of a wind machine

Vids featuring people that look like rainbows

Vids featuring scenes of holidaying or travel

Vids featuring a plethora of paint

Vids featuring a famous friend or few

Vids featuring coloured lights reminiscent of the game SIMON

Vids featuring a whole lot of dorking around on bicycles

Vids featuring dancing and posturing round a white-ish room

Vids featuring a drawn-out descent

Vids featuring teamwork or something like it

Vids featuring robots and a potential new best friend

Vids featuring a hot pursuit

Vids featuring fuzzy guitars and a kiss

Vids featuring songs with the name ‘Mona’ in it


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