What is no more blank tapes?

No more blank tapes is about staying up all night square eyes glued on Rage, just waiting for the right music videos to add to my vast collection of TDK tapes taped over and over and over (both in an analogue and scrawled sticky labelled sense). There, I’d sit clawing the RECORD button on the “remote” control attached by a two-metre cord to the silver Orion VHS VCR player. (Mum got it cut price in early 1983. Something to do with the umbilical-esque remote. It was also a “top loader”, which meant it had to sit on top of the television set, rather than under it, as was the mode in my friends’ houses. In my social group, the VCR had no redeeming cool features, whatsoever.)

No more blank tapes is about still hoping to one day wake up and find out that life in the matrix is just one big music video, and I’m the one gazing wistfully at the overcast sky and mouthing the words in far too much eyeliner.

No more blank tapes is a homage to the roles music videos have played in my life – focusing on the chaps-and-baby-oil-moustachioed gay club anthems I favoured as a pre-teen splay-toothed dork growing up somewhere near the Outback, through to the stuff that defined being an equally spaz-but-orthodontically-improved-and-more-posturing teenager in that exact same place (while wanting to be a million places elsewhere… gazing wistfully at the overcast sky and mouthing the words in far too much eyeliner).

Oddly enough, life didn’t stop at 18, and I do try my best not to live in a time warp *takes a jump to the left… and then a step to the ri-i-i-i-i-ight* so there’s of course going to be vids I’ve enjoyed post 1994. Only by the time I’d fled the livingroom for university student digs, I’d stopped desperately cataloguing videos like a mad librarian with black texta warnings on the cases, viz: BEST PIXIES SPECIAL EVER!!! DO NOT TAPE OVER THIS!!!! EVER!!!

No more blank tapes is about some songs I love, some videos I love, and, some songs and videos that are merely courted to fit my haphazardly honed and hatched agenda, i.e. the Theme of the Day.

No more blank tapes is my keen excuse to fritter more sands through the hourglass on YouTube, otherwise known as The Happiest Place on Earth, forget the hum-drum abode of that black rodent with oversize ears.

No more blank tapes is presented to you by Tdklongplay… a taped tape with many sticky labels, including “Momo “, “Mona”, “Babycakes”, and, in officially recorded footage, “Samone Bos”.


2 responses to “What is no more blank tapes?

  1. Rae


    i love you and i love no more blank tapes!

    you make me laugh out loud whilst reading.

    miss you. come home soon. please.

    rae x

  2. Oh, and I love you too, RB!
    I’ll be back soon.

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