Vids featuring a party

Parties are totally rad. Even bad parties. Yes, I like parties a lot. Especially super-exclusive ones involving just me and a man named Timmy who can dance like Shakira.

So, like it says in the heading: here follows a few vids featuring a party.

We are your friends – Justice vs Simian

In the old narrative device of having the end at the beginning, here is the end at the beginning. For those unfamiliar, that means you find out from the outset that, by the roll of the credits, the champion racehorse is going to be dead as a doornail, and THAT’S how come he’s stuffed in a glass case at the Melbourne Museum (see 1983 film Phar Lap). And so we have the party aftermath. No stuffed racehorses.

TV party – Black Flag

TV = party.

Fight for your right – Beastie Boys

Folks out of town for the night = party.

24 hour party people – Happy Mondays

More than one person in your car = party.

1979 – Smashing Pumpkins

Rolling down a hill in a big tyre = party.

100% – Sonic Youth

Sonic Youth in the rumpus room = party.

Do you want to? – Franz Ferdinand

Free booze served up on a silver platter = party.

Come together – Primal Scream

Balloons = party.

Oh Errol – Australian Crawl

Lots of bodies drinking champagne in a Jacuzzi = oh-so dodgy party.


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