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Vids featuring posturing and dancing round a black-ish room

You might remember the entry of yore ‘Vids featuring dancing and posturing round a white-ish room’. Well, like ebony is to ivory, living together in perfect harmony, here you have a whole lot of vids featuring posturing and dancing round a black-ish room.

Primary – The Cure

My all-time favourite Cure song. Ever. Other than Shiver and shake which is an excellent way to brood upon and exalt from really bad moods. If you wanted to know.

Jealous girls – The Gossip

Also featuring venetian blinds. Good for making black-ish rooms blacker.

Going nowhere – Cut Copy

Curious diegetic cross-over here – a dancing one-man audience is in a white room, while the band is in a black room. And all in a single yin-and-yang shot. Wildness.

No secrets – The Angels

Need you tonight – INXS

For those interested, I can do every one of Michael Hutchence’s moves in this clip. In 1991, at an INXS X-Factor Tour concert at Memorial Drive, Adelaide, I catapulted myself to the second row by terrifying everyone around me with my abject 15-year-old MICHAEL, I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOU! hysteria. On that momentous day (April 14) I’m absolutely positive we locked eyes after he did one of those spinny-aroundy things. I screamed, wailed, and flailed in response. Oh, Michael.

That ain’t bad – Ratcat

At the aforementioned concert, Ratcat were the support.

Turn into – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Here the white turns into black turns into kinda technicolour. Which isn’t really black at all.



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Vids featuring something reminiscent of Saturday morning TV

Where I grew up, TV transmission didn’t begin on the weekends till 8am. Still, I would sometimes get up earlier just to watch the test pattern, like the irrepressible square-eyed TV kid I was.

When I was seven, the first programme on Saturdays was the Beatles cartoon:

Ringo and the Beanstalk

So there I was, experiencing Beatlemania in 1982 in very low volume, mindful that neither the teev nor my sugary bowl of Snap, Crackle, and Pop woke up whichever Rip Van Winkle ‘rent I happened to be staying with.

Later came a marvel of superheroes, and a skedaddle of Hanna-Barbera, all ending with a World Wrestling Federation smackdown… (though that may have been a few years later).

So here follows a POW! WHACK! and SHAZAAAAM! of vids featuring something reminiscent of Saturday morning TV.

Young folks – Peter, Bjorn and John

You! Me! Dancing! – Los Campesinos

Guns blazing – UNKLE

Spider-man – Ramones

Banana splits (tra la la song)– The Dickies

Sugar sugar – Mary Lou Lord with Semisonic

Throw it on me – Timbaland featuring the Hives

Lucy in the sky with diamonds – The Beatles

Along with Yellow submarine and Octopus’s garden, Lucy in the sky with diamonds was featured in a songbook issued to Australian schools in the 80s called SING! For a few years, Lucy was my favourite second only to My highland goat.
Without me – Eminem


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