Vids featuring people dressed uniformly

As suggested, here follows a homogeny of vids featuring people dressed uniformly.

Black out fall out – Polysics

This could also be categorized under my forthcoming theme ‘vids featuring singing tofu’.

Float on – Modest Mouse

Ok, I’ve thrown a red kipper in the works here already. Yes, it’s the sheep that I’ve decided are ‘dressed uniformly’. Before you scoff, remember that sheep are people, too.

Welcome to the terror dome – Public Enemy

Security of the First World gots the moves, and in unison.

Heartbeats – The Knife

Kids in stripy tees skating down a hill = gnarly.

Last chance to save the polar bears – Polyphonic Spree

I think with the Spree you fall into one of two camps: A) mindless adoration or B) Cold War suspicion (at least in my domestic situation, where I am ‘A’ while the hubz is an unequivocal ‘B’).

In camp A)

Eyes cartwheel into whirring daisy petals, which command one in semaphore to go don the nearest white nightie.

In camp B)

Steadfastly NOT-whirring eyes are narrowed, arms are crossed like a hammer and sickle, and many a reference is made to the comet ‘Halle Bop’.

Here, the Spree throw off their robes and look like ninja automotive mechanics.

(Oh yeah, like it says at the end, this an anti-video of sorts, composed of 2341 photos, like a magic lantern. Kinda.)

Tour de France – Kraftwerk

Parlez-vous Francais the Kraftwerk way.

Disco inferno – The Trammps

Disco Inferno is my favourite disco song EVER. This is a tough call, cos, like Popeye and spinach, how I loves me disco, Olive. Yet, I was a blazingly disappointed to discover the video was set on a ferry and not in an actual discotheque. That said, the day-glo orange bodysuits almost make up for it. Almost.

Deceptacon – Le Tigre

Jumpin’ Jehosaphat! And that’s all I’ve got to say.

The bucket – Kings of Leon

‘Uniformity’ achieved via that cinematic tool I like to call ‘The Brady Bunch effect’.

Polyester girl – Regurgitator

Polygon polyester.

mOBSCENE – Marilyn Manson

Squadron of can-canning hot chicks dressed like that comically non-comical ‘comic’ character, Beetle Bailey.


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