Vids featuring slipping between the covers (by which I mean books, squire)

As suggested in the Carry On-esque title, here are some vids featuring slipping between the covers (by which I mean books, squire).

OK – Shitdisco

I work in publishing, and, I can tell you, this paper engineering seriously gets my motor running. Possibly, one of the cleverest videos I’ve seen in a long time – and I want the damn book!

Head over heels – Tears for Fears

Random acts of library rebellion: 1

Librarian Haunted Love

Random acts of library rebellion: 2 (bonus terse foot-stamping!)

Tropical Iceland – Fiery Furnaces

Wrapped up in books – Belle and Sebastian

Blue Monday ’88 – New Order

Yeah, yeah, I posted it very recently under vids featurng an errant ball or two. But who can ignore that flipbook?

Let there be rock – AC/DC

What you waiting for? – Gwen Stefani

It was with this song that I went from complete disinterest regarding the life, times, and tunes of Ms. Stefani to ‘Oh! How I wish Gwennie was my sister! We’d just be Harajuku girls hanging out on Omotesando with Ramona all the time. There, we’d eat Beard Papa and Mos Burger and giggle into our hands a lot.’



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7 responses to “Vids featuring slipping between the covers (by which I mean books, squire)

  1. Great selections, but I thought for sure I would see “take on me” by the a-ha’s 😉

  2. Aaah, of course! The very famous cartoon Norwegians. I forgot! I think I might be the *only* person in the world that hates that song, though! So not including it on principle.

  3. lol! That is fine, I just thought of music videos involving books and that was the first one that popped into my head…that and Bachelorette by Björk, I am a huge fan of Björk, I only know 1 song by a-ha 😉 But I loved your choices and had never heard of “Librarian – Haunted Love” so I learned something new! Thank you 🙂

  4. Heehe. I think A-ha only HAD one song. Though, my friend Andrea (a big fan) went and saw them in London last year, and would beg to differ, I’m sure!

    Those Haunted Love girls are very cute and sassy – they’re Kiwis. That’s the only song I’ve heard – which I happened past in my You Tube travels – but I’ll need to search for more! When I return home to Oz, I’ll probably find out they’re already very famous. I’m insanely jealous of the foot tapping…

    Bachelorette! Looking for it now.

  5. Toe tapping was very impressive (might have to have the cute shoes to get the same effect) if you learn more about them please share. I have never been to Oz but would love to go some day! Ohio is a hotbed for popular music, lots of bands come from here…there are loads I can’t think of them now…but Devo was created just 1 hour away from me 😉 Oh and the Indigo Girls…there are newer bands too…I know there are…hmmm, but can’t think…

    Can you tell i am working hard today;)

  6. Oh and Björk has a great video gallery…

    Bachelorette on You Tube

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