Segue: 1975 promo for the Sony Betamax VTR

“The Sony Betamax – its only purpose is to serve you. This totally new concept in home entertainment will expand your enjoyment of television viewing to a level that was, a short time ago, nothing more than an ambitious dream…”

You say Betamax, I say Bizarre-a-max.

(No, not really. That was just a poorly executed pun on the rather peculiar advertisement, linked above.)

If the truth be known, I don’t remember much (nay anything) about 1975. I do recall it was the year of the Rabbit on the Chinese zodiac, and, of course, the year two of my favourite people in the whole wide world were born (myself and the hubz).

Seemingly, from its drab mid-decade glam-rock’s-dead-and-punk-has- barely-broken standpoint, the future was sizing up as a synesthete’s Tron-like spirograph paradise. Yet, the creative director on the Betamax campaign kept their vision of the future decidedly open – evident in the Monty Python-esque drawings and really freakin’ oddball scenes reminiscent of the rock opera Tommy thrown in for good measure.

What I love most about the advertisement is that life is being touted as something that gets in the way of watching television (which, as Aristotle once mused, is the drug of a nation, breeding ignorance and feeding radiation).


(Or whatever catchphrase youths used to ‘enthuse’ back in ’75. I’ll go ask one of my aunties.)


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