Vids featuring gathering round a table

Breakfast, dinner, a cup of tea with grandpoppy, shuffling furniture, or raising the dead – here follows a few vids featuring gathering round a table.

Over and over again – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah

Never let me down again – Depeche Mode

There’s no other way – Blur

The one thing – INXS

Gone daddy gone – Violent Femmes

Don’t mug yourself – The Streets

Smalltown boy – Bronski Beat

Ouija board, ouija board – Morrissey

Oh, and happy Easter. If I wasn’t stationed on the space station Skylab and orbiting festivities from afar, I would be gathering round a table chock full of these li’l guys:

Note: in case the link to the Great Aussie Foods website drops out leaving the identity of the above picture up to your rampaging imaginations, it depicts my favourite brand of chocolate egg (and most certainly has nothing to do with The Chippendales’ Ultimate Girls’ Night Out).


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