Vids featuring an errant ball or two

So, here’s a whole volley of vids featuring an errant ball or two. Please keep your winks and nudges to yourself.

I am sure many of us can thank the final vid for our sound ability to count well into double digits. Without it, we’d probably be a few bagels short of a baker’s dozen. Yessss, we all know what that means…

(No? Me, neither. But it sounded catchy when I first came up with it.)

Kelly, watch the stars! – Air

Blue Monday (1988) – New Order

Cannonball – The Breeders

Whoo! Alright – yeah… uh huh – The Rapture

Let’s go to bed – The Cure

Fire eye’d boy – Broken Social Scene

Stop – Jane’s Addiction

Pinball number count – The Pointer Sisters



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4 responses to “Vids featuring an errant ball or two

  1. V

    Like, oh mygosh!

    Just when i thought i couldn’t love you even more than i already virtually do, you pull out the ‘OneTwoThreeFOURFivesixSevenEightNINETenElEvenTWeeeeeellve’ card. And make me dance.

    Now, how to divert all these horrified stares from these folks in the coffee shop around me…

  2. To this day I sing that pointer sisters song. I have it on my media player, I like to workout with it playing, along with loads of other music….including the breeders cannonball! Good choices!

    I read the last post but not the comments…I haven’t had any trouble with speed on your site:)

  3. HA! 🙂

    The pinball count song was my first childhood inkling that maybe something seriously funky was going on “out there” beyond my four year old life.

    My cousins and I used to shout “THIRTEEN!” at the end – we found this riotous comedy.

    Loretta: Counting reps to the one-two-three-four-five song. Brilliant!

    I ended up deleting that previous shout out post as I drew my own conclusions – basically, I could speed things up a bit (on my computer) by linking most videos back to You Tube, rather than keeping every old entry embedded on my site. Now it’s a little better, and I don’t start screaming every time I try to load something.

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