Vids featuring the use and abuse of a wind machine

Go on, put your cardi on, for here follows a breezy autumnal to sub-Antarctic squall of vids featuring the use and abuse of a wind machine.

Alec Eiffel – Pixies

Over and over – Hot Chip
So fleeting, but so good.

Fait accompli – Curve

Babooshka – Kate Bush

Jesus Christ pose – Soundgarden
Here, the wind machine is explained away by a series of whirring wind turbines, setting Chris Cornell’s locks aloft, ever-so slightly. Despite all evidence to the contrary (particularly the chroma-key abuse, general dork montage of crucifixes, a grown man in shorts and boots, and the fact it’s, well, Soundgarden), 16 years on, this video still makes me feel unfathomably cool whenever I watch it.

I’m sorry for any embarrassment the above statement may cause my friends by association.

Malibu – Hole
Oh! How I LOVE this song/video. Even now, watching the video for the ten-zillionth time and trying to work out if I should include it (because a subtle wind machine by the beach is diegetically appropriate) got me all choked up and wistful, as it always does. Yes, if I ever spotted Ms. Love passing by in the street, I would be compelled to shout (truthfully):


And if she rejoined my overly familiar salutation with a dismissive:

“___ ___, SLAG!”

I would still consider it a win-win situation.

Pray – Take That
Of course, the wind machine is the boy band’s bayonet, plunging into the hearts of squealing 12-year-old girls ever since music videos were invented in, oh, 1710 or something, back when Bach was in a boy band. So, here are some boy-banders doing a rather stomach-churning brand of yoga on the beach, loitering with intent under a cloak of mangroves, and having their blousons a-billowin’ to the prefab refrigerated gale of the “Roaring Forties” (stellar moment one minute in).

And finally, the most extreme use and abuse of a wind machine in the history thereof:

Total eclipse of the heart – Bonnie Tyler
I ask you: Turn around bright eyes OR Turn around zombie freak with ‘eyes’ illuminated by the very bowels of Hell so I can stab you in the heart with a very large stake, please.


Food for thought.



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5 responses to “Vids featuring the use and abuse of a wind machine

  1. Courtney Love once personally apologised to me and my friends for ‘sucking’ (her toyota tarrago – sp? – pulled up next to us) in my extreme star struck 16 year old way, all I could reply was ‘dude!… … … … … … … … … you rocked!’

    Also, she had amazing eyes and smelled lovely. Like a church.

    (ps – I love how indisputably ‘early 90s’ men in shorts are. See Chilli Peppers, Red Hot, for more examples).

  2. Oh, and also, in that filmclip, why is Beardy offering me sand? Does he want me to take the sand, and do something with the sand? Sand?

  3. Courtney Love smelled like a church? I shall have to add that to my repertoire of cheese n’ wine anecdotes, Desci. 🙂

    Yeah, the sand. I reckon someone – tea lady? Gaffer? Nearby lounging lizard? – got bored of watching them amble aimlessly round the desert and said:

    “The sand! The sand! Work it wid the sand! It’ll be magic!”

    And so we now have ‘the sand’.

  4. Oh how watching this vid of Courtney (at her most resplendent stage may I add) has got me listening to Malibu on repeat. I too LOVED this song and it at one stage had me on a path to becoming the next Melissa Auf der Maur – (not for the bass….but for the backing vocals of course).

    Is it bad that I still secretly wouldn’t mind being in a Hole cover band? Even though cover bands could bring even Condoleezza to tears? What instrument can you play Sam? Surely there’s still time!

  5. Wasn’t she lovely there! Like a mermaid lady in all that shredded Versace (was her Versace phase, I remember, from Who Weekly). She was 34 then, so while I lament being on the downward slide, perhaps I’m actually going to peak in November 2009.


    I ‘play’ bass – meaning I own one, and once battered out the 12-bar blues on it… before my talent ended. But, I promise myself I’m going to get lessons on it, mostly so me and my band Two Minutes Happiness (with my mate Shannon, who needs to learn the drumkit she owns) can start playing. My friend Kristen learnt bass in two weeks, and that was performing in some band in New York City. So imagine what could be done in Melbourne!

    Yes, let’s form a Hole cover band. What are you going to do, other than backing vocals? How about lead? What shall we call it? I suggest:

    “And the stars were just like little fists/fish”

    Cos I always got that wrong.

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