Vids featuring people that look like rainbows

You know, when people start looking like rainbows, you’re either on to something very, very good, or, just maybe, you’re watching the following vids featuring people that look like rainbows.

Staring at the sun – TV on the Radio

True faith – New Order

Harmonic generator – The Datsuns

She bop – Cyndi Lauper
As a wildly fascinating aside, when I was nine, I attended my school’s Easter fancy dress parade dressed as Cyndi Lauper. My costume was some haphazard affair of Mum’s disco cast-offs, a crimped side ponytail, and fluorescent ankle-socks, all to celebrate the rising of the Lord’s good shepherd. Or Jesus, if you prefer. Halfway though the day, I decided, nah, I was actually dressed as Tina Turner. And not one basket-wielding anthropomorphic rabbit, Transformer-bot, or Indiana Jones-alike really took me up on it, such was the power of going to school with a microphone everyone wanted to “use” (in spite of having no amp).

Daft Punk is playing at my house – LCD Soundsystem

Around the world – Daft Punk
Paradoxically, I actually really, REALLY, hate this song. But the above LCD Soundsystem clip (which I love) wouldn’t exist without it and the ensuing video’s characters. C’est la vie, eh?



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3 responses to “Vids featuring people that look like rainbows

  1. I wanted to be Cyndi Lauper when I was young. Now and again I buy clothing that makes me think of her and I will dress up a wee bit…but I was never the rainbow she was/is…though I do try 🙂

  2. V

    Best. Compilation. Vids. Evah!

    I am breathless from too much dancing.

  3. 🙂

    I was thinking about this, for kids in primary school getting into videos and wanting to look like pop stars, Gwen Stefani is the modern-day Cyndi, what with the kooky vids/clothes/posse of dancing girls. Or maybe not. Not in regular contact with primary school kids, really, to vox pop.

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