Vids featuring scenes of holidaying or travel

Right now, I’m on holiday. And, yes, you’d think I’d have better things to do than:

a) Attend to this website;


b) Wonder if the voice at the end of the “At Your Service” button here at the Marriott Hotel (somewhere-in-London branch) really is French, or just some guv’ner having a lark.

So – ignoring point a) and continuing with point b) – I have compiled the following quiz to test just how French he really is, including:

1) “I fancy pitching a tent. Where, monsieur, could I find le comping ground?”

2) “How I crave le croissant! Tell me, is there le boulangerie on the premises?”

and, the simple conversation starter of:

3) “Aaah, I do enjoy le ocean, but I much prefer the confines of le piscine…”

Ingenieux, non?

Right. Gotta make some calls. For now, here are a few vids featuring scenes of holidaying/travel:

Future world – Trans Am

Travel is dangerous – Mogwai

Good weekend – Art Brut

Do the whirlwind – Architecture in Helsinki

Burn in hell – Rocket Science

Boys and girls – Blur

Fit but you know it – The Streets

Welcome to the jungle – Guns n Roses

California girls – David Lee Roth



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2 responses to “Vids featuring scenes of holidaying or travel

  1. ohh there are some true classic clips here! streets like a jungllllle! or should i say les rues… sont comme… jungles… actually don’t have a clue.

  2. … Telephoner de poliiiiccceee.

    Far out, dude, we should get a job-share translating linear notes. We can be the first people to add in “dadadadeedeooodaa” humming bits when we’re unsure of the correct words to botch up.

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