Vids featuring a plethora of paint

“Paint! Where would we be without it, eh?” said the palette to the brush (who merely bristled).

Here are a few vids featuring a plethora of paint – you’ll see it spewed from eyes and doorways; sloshed about by good shipmates Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Rhodes, and Le Bon; and daubed demonically upon the reverent H. Rollins, Esquire. And, in one instance, you’ll discover what craaaaaaazy shit happens when gas station attendants cut loose with the gouache.

Magick – Klaxons

Today – Smashing Pumpkins
Note: Includes scenes of dune frolicking reminiscent of Michelangelo Antonioni’s 1970 counterculture flick, Zabriskie Point. In a first-year cinema studies essay on the film, I enthusiastically referenced the Pumpkins clip and Antonioni’s influence thereupon, paying considerable mention to the icecream van, the paint, and James Iha in a dress. My tutor replied Oh really? in the margin.

Falling to pieces – Faith No More

Liar – Rollins Band

Rio – Duran Duran


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