Vids featuring a famous friend (or few)

Certainly, a stitch in time saves nine, but a famous friend will get you through any door in town, so long as you don’t mind forever being known as + 1.

And, from what I can tell skating the dreary city limits of Anonymous Nobody-dom, the best thing about actually being famous – aside from the fact that fame buys you love, happiness, and your very own pre-fluffed cloud in Heaven – is that you get your own famous friends, who are, of course, better than not-famous friends. And sometimes, in the oft-colliding worlds of pop and rock, famous friends decide to stop, collaborate, and listen, paying heed to that poignant Vanilla Ice call to arms – or at least shaved eyebrows – of yore. Which is how I am able to bring you this mind-addlingly exhaustive list of vids featuring a famous friend (or few). Incidentally, three of these 11 clips star gents topping my Top 10 list of:

Dreamiest Dreamboats I’m Not Married To… Yet.

And, if the internet isn’t the appropriate place to solicit a famous friend four-way fiesta, I don’t know where is, viz:

Dave G, and Jason Lee.
Let’s get it ON.
You, you, you
And me.

But for now, here are some vids featuring a famous friend (or few).

Some velvet morning – Primal Scream

Weapon of choice – Fatboy Slim

Buddy Holly – Weezer

100% – Sonic Youth

Low – Foo Fighters

Kokomo – The Beach Boys
(Nah, not for Tom Cruise or Bryan Brown flipping pina coladas, but, in case you somehow miss the pink tank top, John Stamos is on bongos. Yes, Full House Stamos.)

You can call me Al – Paul Simon

Freedom 90 – George Michael

Rush, Rush – Paula Abdul

Remember the time – Michael Jackson

All you need is love – The Beatles

Oh, a prize (where I will write: You are the winner! RAD!) goes to anyone who could be bothered naming all the ‘famous friends’. And, if you can think of more BFFF vids, please link them in the comments section. I have already searched You Tube for that Elton John song with Robert Downey Jr lip-synching (‘I want love‘). How I wish it was there because my gang of four would hastily become five (see list of Dreamiest Dreamboats I’d Like to Proposition on the Internet. By which I mean R.D.J. not E.J. Just to make that clear.)


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