Vids featuring a drawn-out descent

If, like me, you suffer from vertigo that could rival being perched aloft Kim Novak’s perky bouffant as she dashes up that damn bell tower, then just grip the base of your swivel chair, clamp your feet to the floor, and moderate that shallow breathing as best you can.

Dayvan Cowboy – Boards of Canada
Like a call –
Architecture in Helsinki

Close to me – The Cure

Pure morning – Placebo

Way down – Catherine Wheel

Love in an elevator – Aerosmith

Taste it – INXS



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3 responses to “Vids featuring a drawn-out descent

  1. V

    Sweet Jesus, Momo, i bow and am grateful for your geniusness. Also a bit conflicted for i have not enough time for my studies anymore.

    Then again, my knowledge in music viddies shall be now priclessly magnified.

    And then there was world peace.

  2. Catherine Wheel’s “Waydown,” wouldn’t even be made nowadays.

  3. Bejeeeez… brilliant. I’m adding that, too. Cheers. I vaguely remember the demonic-looking flight attendant. Weird I would remember her and not the actual video.

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