Vids featuring a hot pursuit

There’s nothing quite like a hot pursuit, eh? I know I like to instill a little excitement in my life with an everyday hot pursuit or the illusion thereof, be it:

a) Driving over the speed limit while scoping the “scene” ahead with binoculars and/or an arsenal of high-powered telescopes;

b) Entering the supermarket with an understated air of surveillance, and then ram-raiding people or produce I may consider “suspect” with my shopping trolley;

c) Greeting my beloved huz when he comes home from a hard day at the office with a flying tackle, twin-barrel roll, and intrusive body search if he doesn’t respond to my immediate command of ‘FREEZE, MOTHERFUCKER!’, and;

d) Simply running, leaping, and leopard crawling whenever possible.

In some way, the following vids feature a hot pursuit, be it daleks, downtown LA drug dealers, the whirring boomerang of karma, or merely a handy reservoir in which to pitch rocks.

Doctorin’ the tardis – The Timelords

Sabotage – The Beastie Boys

Karma Police – Radiohead

Ghost Town – The Specials



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2 responses to “Vids featuring a hot pursuit

  1. what a bloody brilliant idea for a blog 🙂 great stuff momo!

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