Vids featuring fuzzy guitars and a kiss

Around the time these vids came out, if I’d been asked to compile myself a curriculum vitae (and I didn’t need one for working the drive-thru after school at KFC, as I recall) I would have listed my preferred hobbies as:

a) Kissing


b) Listening to anything with way fuzzy guitars, that would (and continues to) send me into jaw-juddering raptures equivalent of the aforementioned a).

The following videos – coincidentally three of my faves – also coincidentally combine a) and b) in either visual content, overall theme, or off-the-cuff mention, in what I can only describe as an algebraic Shangri-la worthy of any pash rash or glandular illness.

Dirty boots – Sonic Youth

Feed me with your kiss – My Bloody Valentine

Blues from a gun – The Jesus and Mary Chain



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2 responses to “Vids featuring fuzzy guitars and a kiss

  1. Favourite fallen idol

    My CV at 16 would have resembled something similar ;). I desperately wanted to be in the Dirty Boots film clip and my friends and I would develop lame crushes on boys who looked like the Dirty Boots boy … although he does absolutely nothing for me now!
    I adore JAMC and MBV. To the point I almost walked down the aisle to them. I really wanted Feed Me With Your Kiss, but the idea got vetoed by anti-shoegazing, fuzzy guitar haters. I compromised with some Adorable.

  2. I join the line for ‘Dirty Boots’ shame. My friend HiSkool and I would watch that filmclip a jillion times in a row and laugh at the naffness*/wish we were in it**.

    * When their eyes meet across the crowd. Bahah!

    ** Er, every other bit.

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