Vids featuring the name ‘Mona’

So one of my nicknames is ‘Mona’. A bunny-toothed kid named Jamie made it up in year 8 humanities class and, in some circles, it has stuck like an errant compass.

Here are two songs with the name ‘Mona’ in them. An also-astonishing thematic link is the fact that both vids feature former Neighbours stars with blond hair, one of whom I was professionally photographed with at Australia’s Wonderland in 1987. Well, Mum begrudgingly paid $10 for me to pose with a cardboard cut-out of him, anyway.

One of the songs and its corresponding video is stratospherically shit-awesome, and yet, all things being equal in this yin and yang meets Cheech and Chong universe, the other song and its corresponding video is stratospherically shit-awful.

Fifteen feet of pure white snow – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds

Mona – Craig McLachlan & Check 1-2

Note: As an 11-and-a-half year-old who actually took Polaroids of Jason Donovan while he was on the telly – as in, I was standing in front of the TV screen, camera poised – the pure thrill of being photographed with my arm slung over the shoulder of a life-sized cardboard cut-out was almost as great as had Jase really been standing there in Billabong boardshorts and a black Midnight Oil muscle tank top.

Heady, heady times.




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4 responses to “Vids featuring the name ‘Mona’

  1. holy crap. MONA! now there was a tune. and now a whole new generation will be able to discover it. i did mona’s high-waisted jeans, clearly she was a bird ahead of her time!

  2. Gracie

    Nick Cave rawks! I especially love duets with Shane MacGowan.

  3. We were talking about Check 1-2 the other day and the McLeod’s Daughters style mise en scene work in this vid, complete with Aussie ute .

    That Mona….Boy, she has the moves to make Gary Barlow feel like a veritable Justin Timberlake.

  4. Heehee! It was McLeod’s before its time. Mona’s spiral perm kicks over Craig’s spiral perm.

    Can you imagine being at a school social and having a group of kids circling around you and singing that song, taunting. The nickname Mona SUCKED.

    A while ago I read (or someone told me – my facts aren’t straight) how Craig McL. was on some Virgin Blue flight, and started an impromptu performance of ‘Mona’ and the lesser known ‘Amanda’.

    I don’t know if, had I been on that plane, I’d get into it or shout “THIS IS SHIT!”

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